Valentines day 2011

Nothing more louder than my door bell ring made me take my ass out of the bed today and after long hours of morning coffee, I realized its Valentine’s Day of 2011.. Gosh the time looks like flying. But well, even being not much into these special made days lately I just couldn’t resist myself not to sketch something on my new scrapbook which was laying exactly right angled view on my table. Temptations carried me away with my tools and I ended sketching a heart full of other hearts crunched together as if it is never enough filled for more and more love. But, the hearts were black and I loved it like that plus I had no color box to try something colorful so later I did some photo shopping to enlighten a little bit my fantasy little hearts.

I guess every day is a love day if you are in love with someone somewhere, so my friends I wish you all a nice and romantic Valentine’s Day if you celebrate this day and still be loving even if you don’t.

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