Crossing another border

After a long finally i reached for my blog again. Coming out of the lift when I could not stop noticing Fengshui frogs, religious books, shiny little bags hanging on most of the apartment doors probably converting all the energy into positive entering inside, I met the spiritual side of this part of the planet. Singapore – The country with abundant food courts, where favorite time pass is shopping, noodles are the Best breakfast, soup is loving, people are warm and this generation seems Eco-friendly, this is the first time I am writing after reaching here, crossing another border.

A week of stay at eric & mun made things so much easier for me to survive and I finally started looking for a rent place in the city preferably next to my work which i found much expensive than renting a place near a good beach in Sydney. Had to hire a taxi to review a place which made me reach 30 min before the train. I observed rules are very strict here, that’s why everyone is following hence the train stations, streets, transportation’s – very clean.

Met the the first rain in Singapore last week and it was one hell of it. I realized that when it rains, it doesn’t let the mind think of anything other than ‘oh it’s pouring while we have to run through it. It rained very heavy and beautiful that morning, Looked like the whole city was getting washed up, people were trying to make space for each other to walk, streets got covered with colorful tiny circles of umbrella tops.
Same weekend somehow my search of a cooking pan ended up at the door of a famous Buddha temple. The subtle mantras in the air, quietly praying people, the red and the gold everywhere, the beautiful statues of Lord Buddha, the whole environment was so perfect, no wonder there were tourist from all around the world trying to capture all the beauty in their large SLR’s. Funny thing is, you can pray and then go straight to gamble coz the back door opens up to a large open air Chinese chess(checkers) place where you can see big crowd of mid aged people playing checkers, gambling money on it. The whole area is covered with red lanterns saying out loud this is – ‘The Chinatown. The market is filled with good stuff, food, souvenirs, clothes etc. Bad luck that there is a very famous Indian temple next to it and it was closed somehow.

Well i could not find the pan but i sure enjoyed the day looking for it and finally had a conversation with god, I guess sometimes you just get something on your way unexpected when you are not exactly looking for it.

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